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Robin van Os, Author

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Grace High School currently has 65 students that participate in Business Professionals of America (BPA). The students have worked really hard this year. They went to Pocatello, Idaho, on January 23 for the Regional Competition and they all did a really great job. Out of all the students that went, 51 have been placed to go to the BPA State Competition, which will be in Boise March 8-10. We are really excited to see how all these students will perform at State and who will be placed for nationals in Dallas, Texas. The theme this year is Dream Bigger – these students were definitely dreaming of a state placement, and many of them did!

We have included a list of the state placers and their events. Way to go Grace BPA!

Administrative Support Team: Hunter Andersen, Heather Mansfield, Kresta Stoddard, Theo Wood – 1st Place

Advanced Interview Skills: Sadie Gough – 1st Place

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures: Amanda McCurdy – 1st Place

Basic Office Systems & Procedures: Kara Wadsworth – 1st Place

Business Meeting Management: Chase Harris – 1st Place

Computer Animation Team: Gable Holyoak, Alex Lopez, Steven Murdoch, Ethan Williamson – 1st Place

Computer Modeling: Gable Holyoak – 1st Place

Computer Security: Mikel Mabey – 1st Place

Digital Media Prodution: Oaklie Jensen – 1st Place

Economic Research Individual: Jared Smith – 1st Place

Financial Analyst Team: Camm Jorgensen, Rhett Jorgensen, Connor Mickelson – 1st Place

Global Marketing Team: Brinklee Holyoak, Hannity Johnson, Marina Warnes – 1st Place

Human Resource Management: Alyson Weaver – 1st Place

Integrated Office Applications: Paige Johnson – 1st Place

Legal Office Procedures: Laura Gappmayer – 1st Place

Parliamentary Procedure Concepts: Kara Wadsworth – 1st Place

Parliamentary Procedure Team (S): Michael Anderson, Jenna Harrison, Hyrum Rasmussen, Wylie Shupe – 1st Place

Personal Financial Management: Bracken Anderson – 1st Place

Presentation Management Team: Oaklie Jensen, Gage Stoddard, Shelby Stoddard, Kayci Younger – 1st Place


Administrative Support Team: Sarah Brady, Taelor Froehlich, Katie Hulse, Paige Johnson – 2nd Place

Advanced Accounting: Tyler Williams – 2nd Place

Advanced Interview Skills: Meghan McCulloch – 2nd Place

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures: Sarah Brady – 2nd Place

Advanced Word Processing: Hunter Andersen – 2nd Place

Basic Office Systems & Procedures: Rebecca Smith – 2nd Place

Computer Modeling: Steven Murdoch – 2nd Place

Database Applications: Trevor Judd – 2nd Place

Digital Media Production: Tanner Christensen – 2nd Place

Economic Research Individual: McKammen Johnson – 2nd Place

Economic Research Team: Will Cutler, Wes Gunnell, Makay Taggart – 2nd Place

Financial Math & Analysis: Marina Warnes – 2nd Place

Fundamental Desktop Publishing: Katie Hulse – 2nd Place

Global Marketing Team: Jessica Corder, Jesus Rodriguez – 2nd Place

Human Resource Management: Shelby Stoddard – 2nd Place

Integrated Office Applications: Rebecca Smith – 2nd Place

Legal Office Procedures: Heather Mansfield – 2nd Place

Medical Office Procedures: Alyson Weaver – 2nd Place

Personal Financial Management: Chase Harris – 2nd Place


Advanced Accounting: Cash Spencer – 3rd Place

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures: Taelor Froehlich – 3rd Place

Advanced Spreadsheet Applications: Kresta Stoddard – 3rd Place

Basic Office Systems & Procedures: Jesus Martinez – 3rd Place

Business Meeting Management: Laura Gappmayer – 3rd Place

Financial Math & Analysis: Nayvie Anderson – 3rd Place

Fundamental Word Processing: Courtney Donaldson – 3rd Place

Intermediate Word Processing: Laura Gappmayer – 3rd Place

Management/Marketing/Human Resources: Laura Gappmayer – 3rd Place

Medical Office Procedures: Kayci Younger – 3rd Place

Payroll Accounting: McKammen Johnson – 3rd Place

Personal Financial Management: Tanner Christensen – 3rd Place

SQL Database Fundamentals: Brendan Robinson – 3rd Place

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