One Team, One Dream!

Tenleigh Hall, Author

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Hands on our Hips, A Smile on our Lips, Spirit in our Hearts, We’re Ready to Start.”

— Unknown

Our star football player was running for a touchdown right before half time. Our quarterback throws the ball to him but the ball is intercepted by the other team. The other team scores a touchdown. The Grizzlies go to the locker room for half time feeling devastated. The football team comes back with no hope of winning the game. They are down by 14 points and they can feel the pressure from the clock blaring down on them. The cheerleaders stay positive and yelled their cheers as loud as their little voices could go. They screamed so loud that they’re voices became harsh and a sharp pain shot through their throats. The football team could hear their yelling in the distance while they were on the field and they found a little bit of hope. The Grizzlies were up by 7 points due to the encouragement and hope the cheerleaders gave them. They keep the spirits high in the crowd and on the field. But yet cheer leading is one of the most underrated sports. Most people don’t even consider cheer leading a sport. But I believe that it is one of the hardest sports out there. Brinklee exclaimed, “Stop saying cheerleaders aren’t athletes until you’ve been one!” But what exactly is a cheerleader?

Cheerleader(n.): An athlete who can jump, kick, toss, catch, stunt, tumble, and fly. All of these things a very hard to do. But this year we have 15 girls doing all these things. The cheerleaders this year are Heather Mansfield(12), Taelor Froehlich(12)Brinklee Holyoak(11), Jessie Corder(11),  Susanna Cooper(11), Nele Buerge(11), Maria Font(11), Maite Alcaide(11), Berkley White(10), Tenleigh Hall(10), Ashley Anglesy(10), Taylee Collins(9), Lexie Weaver(9), Jillian Smith(9), Kaci Davis(9). All these girls have worked very hard to be on the cheer team.  The cheer team also has new coaches this year, Tina Bitton is the head coach and Stephanie Rindlisbaker is the assistant coach. They both put in so much effort to help us become an amazing team.

Over the summer our team did lots of things as a squad. The team participated in an ISU cheer camp, did a car wash to raise money, and had a few parties to celebrate the hard work that was done. The commitment from all 15 cheerleaders is unbelievable. They have all spent many hours of every week over this summer to become the best cheerleader they could be. And a huge shout out to Heather Mansfield for spending so much time with all the cheerleaders to help them get better. She has done cheer all four years of high school and the other 14 of us have not done high school cheer before. Heather always says, “We don’t build women, We build pain tolerance.”

In conclusion just appreciate everything your cheerleaders do. You honestly have no idea how much time and effort cheerleaders have to put into cheerleading. It is a very hard sport but it is also so much fun and you get to experience so many different things. Cheerleaders have a very important job when it comes to games. They need to keep the crowd in the game so that the team can beat the other team. I have had so much fun being a cheerleader this year and I can’t wait to finish out the rest of the year.




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