Painting the G-The Real Story

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Painting the G-The Real Story

Sarah Brady, Author

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Trekking up hill, legs shaking and lungs burning. This is what several of our seniors were feeling as they climbed the mountain to paint the “G”. Many thought that the march would  never end.

Mrs. Buxton gave orders to the seniors to find rocks, fill in some of the gaps in the letter, and to pull some weeds from in between the rocks. Some seniors were more obedient than others. Wylie Shupe, Camm Jorgensen, Heather Mansfield and Brock Ball were busy finding big rocks, while Hyrum Rasmussen, Josh Anderson, and Tyler Williams made an assembly line, tossing rocks back to the “G”. After several minutes of searching and pulling, the paint was spilled.

Gleaming white paint was poured into buckets and given to students with brushes, more like brooms. Many of the students got to work and painted rocks. However, some students might need a refresher on the difference between students and rocks. Within the first few minutes of painting, some of the seniors were covered in paint. McCoy Gunnel was one of the first to start painting his classmates. Mrs. Buxton told them rocks were to be painted first and students second. However, not everyone listened. Logan Thornock and Josh Kirby chased each other around the letter. Their brooms soon broke and blood was spread. Josh Kirby and Hugo Plancarte had to get aid from the advisers to clear their battle wounds.

Many of the seniors were covered in paint. Camm Jorgensen snuck up behind Paige Johnson and drenched her in paint. However, clothing and hair were not the  only things destroyed by paint; Octavio Perez’s phone soon discovered what paint was. Octavio’s phone was covered in paint, there was barely any phone left. Octavio says, “I literally got paint all over it and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Now I gotta buy a new phone!’ I felt horrible!”

Several other students had their phones covered in paint as well. Taelor Froehlich and Makenna Torgensen had trouble getting the paint off their phones and cases.

While painting the “G” caused some problems, our seniors had a great time working together to benefit our community.


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