It’s Spooky Season

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It’s Spooky Season

Kylee Painter, Author

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Halloween is just around the corner, and if you are like me, that means we probably don’t even have a single idea of what we are going to be for Halloween. I want to help you out by giving you some cheap, and easy costume ideas.

Some great ideas would be to:

  • Dress up as a type of candy. For example, a bag of jelly-belly’s, for this you will need a large clear garbage bag that you will cut arm and leg holes in. You will need several small water balloons for the jellybeans. And a Jelly-Belly sign that you can print off if the internet.
  • For a more silly costume, dress up as an old granny put on an old mis-matched outfit, grab some slippers, a blanket, and some glasses. Then all you will have to do if walk like your back is broken and pretend like you can’t hear anything.
  • For another individual costume idea, dress up as “sleepy”. Wake up in your pajama’s, grab a pillow and a blanket, and BAM! You are now sleepy.
  • For a cheesy and very cheap idea, you could stick name tags to your shirt with different names on them, then call yourself a “identity thief”.
  • For a cheap costume idea, you can buy a candy bag of smarties, glue the candies to your pants and call yourself “smarty pants”.

If you like to dress up as a group instead of individuals, then you will like these nest few ideas.

  • You and your friends can dress up as tourists. You just need to put on some floral button-up shirts, long socks, and some sunglasses. You can also add binoculars, or a map of some sort.
  • For another idea, you and a friend could be “salt and pepper”. One friend will need to dress up in all white, and tape a sign on them that says “salt”, while the other friend dresses up in all black and tapes a “pepper’ sign to them.
  • You and your friends can put on black and white striped shirt, grab a pillow case, and but on a black hat and mask. Now you are a “robber”.

If you aren’t looking for a costume that is is cheap, funny and clever, then these ideas are perfect for you! Don’t be a party pooper this Halloween, dress up and make everyone laugh.

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