Mr. Grizz


Tenleigh Hall, Author

Mr. Grizz was such an eventful event. The contestants had many practices to prepare their acts and the end result was pleasing. Connor Mickelson(11) won over the judges and placed 1st. His Hobby Walk was about how he loves farming. He even had Bray Skinner(10) dress up as a cow! Which landed him third place in hobby walk. His talent was with Ryan McCurdy(12) and they had a conversation that made the crowd erupt with laughter. He also placed First for the Fitness Routine. Jacob Smith(11) had the best talent to the judges. He had a blast from the past and showed us his dance moves from Napoleon Dynamite! As a taco bus, Hugo Plancarte(12) shows us his taco meat! Over all Mr. Grizz was such a fun experience!

The Mr. Grizz 2018 Contestants were:

  1. McCoy Gunnell(12) and Heather Mansfield(12)
  2.  Tyler Williams(12) and Paige Johnson(12)
  3.  Camm Jorgensen(12) and Breanna Hill(11)
  4.  Ayden Gould(12) and Katelyn Andersen(11)
  5.  Cash Spencer(12) and Brinklee Holyoak(11)
  6.  Wylie Shupe(12) and Sarah Brady(12)
  7.  Hugo Plancarte(12) and Marina Warnes(11)
  8.  Jordan Mansfield(11) and Maria Font(11)
  9.  Jacob Smith(11) and Nayvie Anderson(10)
  10.  Ryan McCurdy(11) and Maite Alcaide(11)
  11.  Jesus Rodriguez(11) and Jessica Corder(11)
  12.  Alex Lopez(11) and Hannity Johnson(11)
  13.  Stockton Lloyd(11) and Kara Wadsworth(10)
  14.  Connor Mickelson(11) and Makenna Straatman(10)

The Judges for Mr. Grizz were:

  1. Bailey Christensen
  2. Brenna
  3. Mariah Johnson
  4. Ellie Johnson (Special Guest)


  • Rick Hatch

Mr. Grizz:

  • First Place: Connor Mickelson
  • Second Place: Jesus Rodriguez
  • Third Place: Camm Jorgensen


  • First Place: Jacob Smith
  • Second Place: Cash Spencer
  • Third Place: Camm Jorgensen

Hobby Walk:

  • First Place: Hugo Plancarte
  • Second Place:  Jesus Rodriguez
  • Third Place: Connor Mickelson

Fitness Routine:

  • First Place: Connor Mickelson
  • Second Place: Camm Jorgensen
  • Third Place: Jacob Smith

Appreciated Backstage Moms (No Specific Order):

  • Kara Wadsworth
  • Marina Warnes
  • Hannity Johnson

Ellie’s Choice:

  • Camm Jorgensen

Fitness Routine Choreographer:

  • Heather Mansfield

Overall Mr. Grizz was a success. All the contestants did amazing at performing and supporting Ellie Johnson. All the money that was raised  for Mr. Grizz went to the Johnson family. Some of the contestants even did something special for Ellie. Such as Ayden Gould(12) for his talent, he drew a picture for Ellie and told her to stay strong. Although Ellies favorite contestant was Camm, everyone still performed very well.