The Secret Life of a Substitute Teacher

Kylee Painter, Author

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When it comes to substitute teachers, they can be any teacher’s lifesaver. When life throws the teachers at Grace High a curve ball and they are unable to make it to school, they have no need to fear for the super sub is here. When the sub comes, they have to take on a lot of responsibility. They alone have to deal with the mayhem that students give them. If there were to be an accident at school, they would have to take control and help in the situation. There are definitely a lot of good aspects to substitute teaching. One the best substitute teachers here at Grace high school, Barbra Lloyd says that, “The best part of being a substitute teacher is that I get to see all the friendly students. They are always very friendly, and I love to associate with them.The respect the students give the me is always reassuring.” Lots of students LOVE Barbra! Substitute teaching gave Mrs. Lloyd and the students a chance to get to know each other and amazing friendships have been made! Many students feel this way about a variety of our substitute teachers. Of course there is always a little bit of a downside to subbing. “The day can be a little scattered if the teacher doesn’t have the lessons planned out, or if the students do their own things instead of they are supposed to do.” Mrs. Lloyd says. “But the absolute best part is getting to see all the kids I have taught grow and mature throughout the years.”

Being a substitute teacher can be very stressful knowing that you are in charge of a class of many people who look up to you and who expect you to take charge. But in the end it is all worth it knowing that you have had a big impact on many lives.

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