Behind the Name Tag

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Behind the Name Tag

Morgan Bower, Author

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Sheep herders? Seven siblings and seven kids? Sixty-two (and counting) “Eagles” concerts? Cooking crocodile? All pretty weird things you probably didn’t know about your favorite teachers.

Mrs. Kimball has ten grandchildren with one more on the way. Mrs. Brady’s mother had seven children and now Mrs. Brady has gone on and had seven children of her own!

Mr. Hubbard is legally blind in one eye. Mr. Williamson was only 3 pounds 4 ounces when he was born. Mrs. Buxton is the tallest woman in her family, by several inches. Mr. Dodge has kicked cancer’s butt twice!

Mr. Knutson says if you cook crocodile for a long time, it will taste like chicken. If you lightly flip it side to side, it will taste like halibut. Mr. Millward can’t watch the last fifteen minutes of the movie “Rudy” without bawling his eyes out like a baby.

Mr. Nance served in the United States Marine Corps for two years. Mr. Manhart used to be in the sheep business; he had about three thousand sheep at one time and a Peruvian herder working for him.

Mr. and Mrs. Murdoch love to travel together.  Mr. Newby climbed Denali in Alaska.  Mr. Sant fell off a cliff and broke his back , ran a half marathon last summer, and drank horse milk after milking a horse.  Mr. Condie has been to sixty-two (and counting) Eagles concerts. Mr. Christensen goes to Seattle every year to watch a Mariners game.

Mr. Wadsworth hated high school but loves education. Mrs. Tolman probably wasn’t the best student in high school, kind of just flew under the radar, but graduated college at forty with honors. Mr. Brady went to college for eleven years (He should probably be a doctor, or so he says ha ha!). Mr. Hook has taught in Grace for FORTY YEARS!!!!

We couldn’t be more lucky to have the teachers we do here at Grace High! We appreciate everything our beloved teachers do for us here at Grace High.

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