What Do Babies Think About?

Sarah Brady, Author

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Have you ever seen a baby with wide eyes and staring at your soul, seeing all of you inner and darkest secrets? And have you ever wondered what could be going on inside his or her tiny mind? If so, then you have come to the right place. Honestly, it’s not that exciting, but babies are much smarter than we think they are. It is not obvious because they always just stare (at your soul), poop, eat, burp, sleep, and cry. Despite these actions there are many things that babies can and do understand.

The first is that babies can understand when different languages are being spoken. There are different rhythms and tones used for different languages. When babies are raised in bilingual homes, just in case you didn’t know, bilingual is knowing two languages, have longer lengths of time when their brains can pick up different and more languages. This is unique and very beneficial.

When babies are around age one, they are able to understand that words have meaning. There was a study done to judge how much a six to nine month old could understand words. They showed the babies different pictures, some with words and some without words. The babies were more interested in the pictures that had words because they were able to connect the words with the objects. That’s remarkable. It is very difficult to get babies to focus on one thing for more than two seconds, so the fact that babies are able to connect pictures with the images is fascinating. 

“They gather information about their environment and are phenomenal at picking up patterns.” ”

— Sue Hespos

When you play with babies, have you ever been able to get them to laugh non-stop? It’s probably not because they understood that hilarious thing you told your co-worker or that you told the perfect joke. The truth is, the baby is figuring out social skills. Being around you and seeing you laugh and smile makes them want to laugh and smile.

Babies are always thinking. So don’t worry, babies aren’t looking at your inner soul and discovering your darkest secrets. Babies are just trying to figure out the world around them and are developing their social skills to excel later on in life.

*information taken from- https://www.parents.com/baby/care/newborn/what-is-your-baby-thinking/


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