A Better Way to Do School

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A Better Way to Do School

Brooklyn Rigby, Author

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When walking past the library at Grace High you could look in and see many students hard at work on the computers. Some might wonder what those small class sizes with computers have to offer. An alternate to sitting in desks listening to teachers, online classes are a different to get an education. Many students don’t realize the full potential online classes have. Online classes give you a chance to take classes not offered at your high school, but it is also a big responsibility to take on. Online classes have their pro’s and con’s, but is a very efficient way to get your education.

At our high school, we offer the possibility for students to take online classes during school rather then traditional classes by the faculty. With online classes it gives you more opportunities for you to get an broader education. Online classes would be better for students who tend to miss more school because they could get online when at home and work on their homework. Online is more flexible in that way, and you could go at your own pace. But, along with all the good things, it also has very strict deadlines, that you have to meet, even out of school hours. Also, in the circumstance of our school, the online classes continue on during potato harvest meaning you would have to continue your homework while working in the spuds. Online has many pros and a few cons but it has effected some students at our school for the good.

I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions which they can learn. ”

— Albert Einstein

Kayci Younger(11) started taking online classes as a freshman. She is going to the medical field when she grows up and wanted to get a head start. She has taken 9 online classes to date with more to come in the future. She is on her way to have her Associates Degree when she graduates high school. She is a great example of how online classes can help you tremendously in the journey for a higher education.

Online classes are an upcoming trend at Grace High with loads of potential. Technology becomes more and more advanced, and a bigger part of our lives. These classes are a way to connect school with technology, something that will be more common in the future. With flexible scheduling, easy access, and easier studying, online classes are worth looking into.

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