Dress Code: One Opinion

Tenleigh Hall, Author

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In today’s society what you wear is a big part of how people get a feel of who you are. If you wear clean clothes that look fancy you will most likely be able to have many friends. Yet, if you don’t have much money to buy brand new clothes every year you may not be as popular. This is just one factor that plays into how people see you but it is also a big one. This is why I am going to tell you my OPINION on dress code. In the Grace High School Handbook, the dress code policy is:

1. In all areas of the school, students must dress modestly and in good taste.
2. Students should be well-groomed.
3. Shoes must be worn.
4. No tank tops.
5. Shorts may be worn to school, but they must be modest in
length and in good taste; this also applies to skirts.
6. Shoes or other articles of clothing that may damage school property must not be worn.
7. See-through clothing without undergarments, or the obvious display of under
garments, will not be allowed. This also includes pants that are worn low on the body,
allowing under garments to be displayed.
8. Clothing exposing (excessively) any part of the torso, e.g.,
midriffs, halters or similar wear, will not be allowed.
9. Clothing that is distracting, offensive, vulgar, or in poor taste is prohibited. This
could include obscene, sexual, drug/alcohol/tobacco related messages or gang symbols.
10. Clean shaven–A well-trimmed mustache or beard are permissible.
11. Students may not wear hats, bandannas, or distracting head gear in the school building
during school hours. (Exceptions may be granted by an administrator for medical reasons
or by vocational teachers under certain conditions.)

Hats or other items will be taken if worn during the school day. These items will be returned
after one (1) week for a $2.00 charge or free of charge at the end of the school year.

“I think the dress code keeps us safe and focused” ”

— Brinklee Holyoak

I feel that this dress code is good but biased. Everyone worries about the girls clothes being distracting, but what about the boys? Or what about actually enforcing this among the students?

There have been many instances where people have felt uncomfortable around others because they weren’t dressed appropriately, both girls and boys. They were not able to focus in class which is a big part. 47%- 57% of public schools require students to wear a school uniform. I’m not saying school uniforms would solve every problem with public schools today but at least now boys and girls can focus more in classes then worried about the person sitting next to them and what they are wearing. They would keep everyone modest and no one would have to stress about what they are going to wear to school the next day.

Another thing to consider is that some students may not be able to have many clothes to wear that are clean, so if they had a school uniform to wear, they wouldn’t have to worry about people making fun of them either. There are many complications with dress codes and with public schools, but maybe school uniforms would solve some of these problems. Remember, this is just my opinion, so just take into consideration of what you are going to wear to school tomorrow because it may compromise someone’s learning ability.


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