Santa’s Secret Unveiled

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Santa’s Secret Unveiled

Sarah Brady, Author

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Who is Santa Claus? When most of you are asked this question, most of you probably think of the guy who brings you presents and lives in the North Pole with a bunch of elves. But have you ever thought about where the legend of Santa Claus came from? It is quite interesting.

Santa Claus has also been known as or called “Saint Nick or Nicolas.” Where did this come from? Well, many years ago, there was a monk known as St. Nicolas. This man was known for saving many people. One particular incident was when he saved three women from being sold into slavery or prostitution by their father. St. Nicolas gave them dowry’s so they could be married. This is only one out of many times that Nicolas saved people. He became known as the protector of sailors and people. This great man was the start of the creation of Santa Claus.

Things get a little more interesting as we continue with the legend of Santa Claus. In 1822, a man named Clement Mark Moore wrote a poem based on Saint Nicolas. This was where our modern image of Santa Claus came to be.  In this poem, Santa Claus is an elf and can go down a chimney with just a nod of the head. That’s pretty cool. In this same poem, Santa Claus flies around in a small sleigh, led by eight reindeer. Now I know all you know about those reindeer. These reindeer would take Santa to every house where a good boy or girl lived.

We know that this is our version of Santa Claus. However, in other cultures, Santa has different names names and purposes. For Sweden and German, Santa is known as “Christkind” or “Kris Kringle.” He accompanies Saint Nicolas with his holiday missions. In Scandinavia, their Santa rides a sleigh led by goats. They call him Jultomten. The English believe Santa is “Father Christmas,” and delivers toys and goodies in children’s stockings. That belief is not to far away from our own.

Santa Claus is more than just a fat man in a red suit who flies around with reindeer. Santa has been a symbol of love and kindness for hundreds of years, and we are so thankful to have him this time of year.

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