The Side Effects of Kissing!

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The Side Effects of Kissing!

Sarah Brady, Author

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Have you ever kissed anyone? More than one someone? If so, you are among the many in our school who have kissed someone, or more than one someone. Today, in this article, you will see the top five kissers (quantity–we won’t go into quality!) in all of Grace High School! You will also see the total amounts of kisses and the average kisses of the forty-one people I interviewed.

Here are your top five smoochers:

  1. Cash Spencer- 35 different people
  2. Ayden Gould- 21 different people
  3. Bray Skinner- 13 different people
  4. Heather Mansfield and Maite Alcaide- 12 different people
  5. Octavio Perez- 10 different people

Wow! That’s a lot of people! But wait, are you ready to see the total number of kisses from forty-one people? Drum roll please… 226 kisses! WOWZA! That’s about 5.65 per person out of forty-one people!

Now I know kissing is fun, but what about the side effects, such as Mononucleosis? The kissing disease!

There are many symptoms to mononucleosis, including fatigue, headaches, skin rashes, or swollen tonsils.

The results of prolific kissing. Image

These symptoms can from four to six weeks! That can be very uncomfortable. The virus of mono is spread through saliva. And as those of you have experience kissing probably already know, when you kiss, saliva is exchanged. This contributes to our slough of absences.

Now if you are prone to kissing, I would be very careful! You wouldn’t want to get mononucleosis!

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