What Comes After Graduation

Maite Alcaide, Author

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Everyone clapping, all  your family is there, all your high school friends say goodbye and all your class friends smile. You this feeling of satisfaction inside, like if you are finally done with all your studies. Yes is your graduation! But right after you received your diploma and your handshake you stop for a moment and think “And now what?”. When you ask students what are they planning to do after graduation the most common answer is college, so it makes me think why does everyone want to go to college, which one is the most popular college around here, and is it really worthy? I got the opportunity to asked thirty one students at the school.

And 31 out of 31 students said that they want to go to college. All of them are looking for a college to go or they already have picked one to study at. The top five of colleges are:

1.Utah State, with seven votes.

2.BYU , with four votes.

3.Dixie, with for votes.

4.BYU Idaho, with tree votes.

5.BATC, with two votes.

Most of the students that we asked said that they want to do college to get a degree or a better opportunity. “I want to go to college because I don’t want to be broke”, shared Heather Mansfield(12). It is true that if you want to get a good job going to college can help but it also depends on the career you want to study. Apparently thousands of families in the United States go into debt every year to afford college. But remember that paying more for college doesn’t mean that you will get a high paid job.

We all know that this sound kind of crazy but what teachers and the government recommend to students is to make sure that you have decided what you want to study, look for a good college, one that is not very expensive but also one that can give you good opportunities. And that is why looking for a good college is so hard. Maybe the best solution is making college more affordable for everyone so everyone can get a lot of diverse opportunities. But remember, what matters is that do what you like and like what you do, follow your dreams and do what you are good at.


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