Ignite Your Light with Torch Awards

Kara Wadsworth, Author

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Business Professionals of America, better known as BPA, is a well-known organization that helps students develop professionalism and technological skills. There are many different aspects of BPA, such as competing individually, competing as a team, campaigning for an officer position, BPA Cares, and Torch Awards.

Torch Awards are a great way for promoting professionalism and leadership. There are seven Torch categories – Leadership; Service; Cooperation; Knowledge; Friendship; Love, Hope, Faith; and Patriotism. A fact that most BPA members don’t know about is that you can go to Nationals for Torch Awards! That award is called an Ambassador Award. But how does one earn an Ambassador Award? Well, it’s fairly easy. You submit in 70 points for each of the seven categories listed above to the National Officers. If the points are approved, you get to go to Nationals!

There are a lot of different ways to earn Torch Awards. For example, BPA members that are also Serendipity members can use some of their performances for the Love, Hope, Faith categories and even the Patriotism category to earn points. One can also get easy points in the Cooperation category by just following BPA on social media! Some categories are a little bit harder than others though. For the category Service 212, the BPA member is supposed to write an article about drug awareness and have it published. Kara Wadsworth wrote an article to earn Torch Award points to go towards her Ambassador Award so check it out below!


Drug Awareness Article

Over the course of many years, drugs have become a part of this world’s society. Nearly everyone in Grace High School knows at least one person with a drug addiction problem. In 2016, 54,793 people died from a drug overdose – an increase of 391% since 1999. That’s insane! And the numbers are still increasing today.

So why is drug abuse such a huge problem? Most people become addicted to drugs either because of a psychological condition or they have a challenge in life and drugs help them temporarily escape their trials. But consequently, drugs only drag you into deeper trouble.

Consequences of being a drug addict are as follows: mental health declines, relationships fail, you lose money buying drugs, and most importantly, drugs are illegal. Everyone has heard those grating commercials about meth addicts and people who have told their stories about having been addicted and how miserable they are. So even though those ads sound like a broken record, just remember that those experiences are true and that people all around the world are affected by drug abuse every day.

It’s important to spread awareness about this problem because someday you may be faced with the temptation of taking drugs and becoming addicted. But my advice is simple and plain: Don’t do drugs. That is commonly heard from peers, teachers, and family members, but it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Drugs will destroy your life, so be aware of that danger and the consequences.



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