A Rewarding Regionals

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A Rewarding Regionals

Photo taken by Scott Buxton

Photo taken by Scott Buxton

Photo taken by Scott Buxton

Photo taken by Scott Buxton

Taelor Froehlich, Author

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BPA stands for Business Professionals of America, BPA has over 45,000 members in the nation as well as over 77 different events that you can compete in. Our High Schools chapter consist of 55 kids from our school. That is a third of our school! All of these kids are led by Chapter Advisor Spencer Christensen. “I am always pleased with our BPA students and how well they perform.  BPA is the favorite part of my job as I get to see the students outside of the classroom setting and watch them do their best to portray their skills. It’s especially awesome to see someone discover an ability or skill that they didn’t think they had. Even the students whose names do not appear in the results, get something out of participation in BPA and competing against other students. That is what it is really about. It doesn’t matter if you place or not, but if you gain skills and experience that you can use in the world outside of the classroom.” At BPA events they require you to dress professionally, for girls that means a dress shirt and nice skirt or dress pants, for boys a dress shirt, tie, and slacks. Before regionals you pick two events you feel confident you can do well in, whether that be individual events, meaning you compete by yourself, or team events, where you and other members of your team all work together. Regionals was held at the ISU College of Technology in Pocatello Idaho. At the end of the day everyone gathered together for the awards ceremony. For individual events they only take the top three to state, for team events they take the top 2 teams.

First place qualifiers are:

Advanced Accounting – Tyler Williams

Payroll Accounting – Hyrum Rasmussen

Financial Analyst Team – McCoy Gunnell, Rhet Jorgensen, Connor Mickelson

Economic Research Individual – Amelia Smith

Financial Math & Analysis Concepts – Courtney Donaldson

Basic Office Systems & Procedures – Ivor Gibbs

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures – Jesus Martinez

Legal Office Procedures – Heather Mansfield

Administrative Support Team – Courtney Donaldson, Heather Mansfield, Brendan Robinson, Theo Wood

Digital Publishing – Ethan Williamson

Computer Modeling – Steven Murdoch

Computer Animation Team – Alex Lopez, Steven Murdoch, Ethan Williamson, Porter Williamson

Advanced Interview Skills – Hannity Johnson

Parliamentary Procedure Team – Michael Anderson, Laura Gappmayer, Grey Gibbs, Spencer Lower, Hugo Plancarte, Hyrum Rasmussen, Wylie Shupe, Kara Wadsworth


Second place qualifiers are:

Payroll Accounting – Cash Spencer

Economic Research Team – Brinklee Holyoak, Hannity Johnson, Marina Warnes

Financial Math & Analysis Concepts – Nayvie Anderson

Integrated Office Applications – Rebecca Smith

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures – Kara Wadsworth

Advanced Spreadsheet Applications – Brendan Robinson

Legal Office Procedures – Laura Gappmayer

Fundamental Desktop Publishing – Katie Hulse

Graphic Design Promotion – Berkley White

Digital Media Production – Mason Jensen

Computer Modeling – Alex Lopez

Extemporaneous Speech – Maniah Clegg

Presentation Management-Individual – Nayvie Anderson

Presentation Management-Team – Brooklyn Rigby, Hallie Rigby, Taylor Rindlisbaker


Third place qualifiers are:

Integrated Office Applications – Paige Johnson

Medical Office Procedures – Kayci Younger



Payroll Accounting – Rhet Jorgensen

Banking & Finance – Spencer Lower

Personal Financial Management – Hugo Plancarte

Advanced Word Processing – Marina Warnes

Advanced Word Processing – Taelor Froehlich

Medical Office Procedures – Courtney Donaldson

Administrative Support Team – Taelor Froehlich, Katie Hulse, Paige Johnson, Rebecca Smith

Digital Publishing – Berkley White

Web Site Design Team – Kylie Hulse, Suzannah Lower, Cambree Mathews

Small Business Management Team – Nayvie Anderson, Maniah Clegg, Breanna Hill, Tyler Williams

Advanced Interview Skills – Brinklee Holyoak

Human Resource Management – Grey Gibbs

Human Resource Management – Amelia Smith

Presentation Management-Team – Katelyn Andersen, Gage Stoddard, Kayci Younger


Honorable Mentions:

Fundamental Word Processing – Payson Andersen

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications – Trevor Judd

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications – Colson Froehlich

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications – Payson Andersen

Fundamentals of Web Design – Wylie Shupe

Digital Publishing – Trenton Mansfield

Digital Publishing – Elizabeth Maughan

Interview Skills – Hallie Rigby

Interview Skills – Taylor Rindlisbaker

Interview Skills – Katelyn Andersen

Extemporaneous Speech – Mason Jensen

Prepared Speech – Cash Spencer




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