Saying Yes to a Dress: Where to Find the Perfect Prom Dress

Kara Wadsworth, Author

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As Prom for Grace High School begins to rapidly approach, boys frantically prepare cute Prom-posals worthy for the girl of their choice while the ladies start their rampant hunt for a dress. Picking out that one perfect dress can mean slaving over magazines, Instagram, and other internet sources for days (even weeks) and it can still be to no avail. Luckily, there are many dress stores Grace’s surrounding areas and it’s not too hard to find the perfect dress!

There was a great variety of styles and colors and I was so excited to find my dress!”

— Maite Alcaide

Only about an hour from Grace, Logan, Utah has four fantastic dress stores that have hundreds of beautiful and unique dresses! For example, Bliss in the Cache Valley Mall has many ethereal and glamorous dresses to choose from and they are all sold at a great price too! If you’re looking for a more modern and slimming style, Bliss is definitely the place to go! There’s also Gown Town where you can find dresses to rent or to buy, it’s all up to you! Another great dress boutique to try is Belle Bridal which is found on West Center Street. Belle Bridal has thousands of dresses varying in style and lengths and run at a great price. You can find anything from a ball gown to an A-Line gown in that store! The last store in Logan is Petals and Promises. Although this store is more spendy, the dresses there are radiant and one of a kind.

Last year Paige Johnson got a stunning blush pink dress from Petals and Promises and she exclaims, ” I absolutely loved going dress shopping there! The consultants were so nice and helpful when I was searching for the right dress. Even though it’s more expensive, it was definitely worth it because I found the perfect dress for my Junior Prom.”

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I absolutely loved going dress shopping there! ”

— Paige Johnson

This year Maite Alcaide went to Bliss to hunt down the perfect dress she compliments, ” Bliss was such a great store to shop at!There was a great variety of styles and colors and I was so excited to find my dress! Since we don’t have Prom in Spain, I was super excited to find a dress and be involved in the Prom here!”

If Logan isn’t the place for you, there are also other wonderful dress stores throughout Utah and in Idaho Falls and Rexburg. Some great stores in Idaho Falls and Rexburg are Tangled in Tulle and Circle of Love. Both stores rent out of sell dresses and are definitely worth a try!

After considering where to shop for your dress, you need to also consider things like length, style, and price for shopping. Even though it sounds a little overwhelming, it’s not too hard to find your dream dress! Some things to ask yourself are:

  • Will I be dancing and moving around a lot?
  • Do I want a short or long dress?
  • What’s my budget?
  • Do I want pockets? (Yes! Dresses with pockets are a thing!)
  • What colors look flattering on me?

The most important thing to remember while shopping for your dress is to buy something that you love! It will be your dress in the end, so don’t buy something that you don’t absolutely fall head over heels in love for! And don’t forget to have fun! Prom is supposed to be super fun and everything that comes along with that event should be fun as well! Good luck in all of your shopping escapades and don’t be afraid to go to a lot of different stores!


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