Tenleigh Hall, Author

From Spike Ball to Quiz Bowl, the students of Grace High compete against each other to win a T-shirt and, of course, bragging rights. There were many highly competitive events that everyone competed in, but even though the stakes were high, everyone had a blast! Thank you very much to the student council for planning this amazing activity to do during the day to hype us up and give us something to look forward too! Out of the five competitions the winners were as follows:

Quiz Bowl: Kara Wadsworth, Brendan Robinson, and Mr. Millward

Spike Ball: Bray Skinner

Ping Pong: Camm Jorgensen

Bowling: Joshua Smith,

Pickle Ball: Stockton Lloyd and Amber Mansfield





These people worked so hard to do their very best and they succeeded! All seven of them won a T-shirt and will be represented as an intramural winner for 2019.