Ballin’ til Fall

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Ballin’ til Fall

Brooklyn, Author

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When people see high school athletes schedules, they often wonder how they function. Especially with multi-sport athletes, there never seems to be a slow time in their life. As a multi-sport athlete myself I often feel overwhelmed with everything expected of us. With seasonal pressure it is easy to start to lose the love for your sport. This is why summer ball is such a blast, with no pressure and just your team and some time on the court summer camps are easily one of the funnest things you can do.

Summer camps are a great way to have fun in a relaxed environment and still improve your fundamentals in your sport. All sports usually host a summer camp for the youth interested in the sport. For volleyball this year they chose to have both a girls camp and a boys! This gives both sexes and equal opportunity to explore the sport and see if they too love it. This camp will be June 13-14th, including three sessions, and will have a tournament Saturday morning. The cost is only thirty-five dollars and comes with a T-shirt for the kid. It will be a great opportunity for kids to socialize with high school kids and learn from the team. The team will have just finished their annual camp during that week so the fundamentals will be fresh on the brain!

If you are interested in either the high school team summer camps or the youth camps you can contact the head coach Heidi Stoddard.


For girls little league basketball they will also be having a camp to focus on fundamentals and the kids will be able learn along side the high school players. This camp will be the first week in June and more information will be coming out. A flyer will be posted on this website once it is released. If you would like more information on girls basketball you can contact the head coach Kyle Christensen.

For any sport athletes or even students just looking to stay in shape Mr. Newby will be in the weight room during the summer Monday-Thursday from 6-8 in the mornings. It will be great weigh to get conditioning in the summer to improve all elements of your life.

As for the other sports, they have not yet released any information for their summer camps, but keep checking The Grizzly Growl for information as we update the page with flyers and information of the athletics of summer!

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