Sarah Senior Spotlight

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Sarah Senior Spotlight

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Sarah is a fun energetic person who loves the Bachelor and Vampire Diaries. Some of her favorite songs are Kings and Queens, Line! and Blank Space by I Prevail. She is the co-president of the band and pep-band and the serendipity President.

Name: Sarah

1.Do you drive to school? What was your most listened to driving song on your morning commute this year?

No, Life Changes- Thomas Rhett

2.What school tradition are you most proud of?

Painting the G

3.What’s your favorite school lunch?


4.What is your favorite movie?

Any Disney or Marvel Film

5.How many siblings do you have?


6.What’s your most embarrassing in-school memory? What happened and did you learn anything from it?

There’s too many to remember. I didn’t learn anything because I still embarrass myself.

7.Which event did you most look forward to this year? Did it live up to expectations?

Being involved in exec council. I definitely did.

8.You can bring any three of your classmates on a cross-country road trip in your family’s hatchback: who would you choose and why?

Hugo, Camm, Paige, McCoy, and Skyler

9.If you could get rid of the bells between classes, would you? Why?

No – I need my potty break

10.What is your favorite thing to do?

I love reading, watching NETFLIX and sitting outside

11.What are some of your future plans?

Serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Fort Worth Texas. When I get home  I plan on attending BYU.

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