The Reason Behind the School Theme


Kayci Younger, Newspaper Editor

With school comes a lot of preparation, especially if you are the new leaders of the school. Brinklee Holyoak (President), Kayci Younger (Vice President), Marina Warnes (Secretary), Katelyn Andersen (Reporter) and their advisor, Mr. Brady met together with the purpose of coming up with a new school theme and to discuss what they could do better for the students that will be attending GHS this school year.

After deep consideration, they decided upon “Time to Shine, It’s a Great Day to be a Grizzly!”

Their hopes for this year are to bring back school pride and amp up school spirit.”

— GHS Executive Council

They believe that is is a great opportunity to be a student here at Grace High School and they want everyone to know it! Not only are they striving to make our student body more united, they also want the students to take advantage of the talents they hold and leave their mark here forever.

In June, the Executive Council traveled to Logan, Utah, where  they visited USU and participated in their ropes course and met with the University’s Student Council. During this retreat, the council had the opportunity to learn leadership skills, try new things, step outside of their comfort zones, and acquire the knowledge of what it means to work as a team.

The Executive Council is ecstatic for this upcoming school year and is ready to work hard in order to make this school year unforgettable! In attempt to bring our Grizzly spirit to life, they have a lot of fun and new things planned. The Executive Council wants the student body to feel involved, so feel free to drop a comment and let them know any suggestion or idea that you may have to make this school year the best one yet!