Meet Mr. Ryan Smith


Spencer Lower, Contributor

“Mutual respect equals mutual success”, is the teaching philosophy used in Mr. Ryan’s Smith classroom. He is the new math teacher here in Grace.

Mr. Smith believes that if students are able to have respect and are willing to learn, that he as an educator will bring them to success. The main goal he has for his life is to be successful and be an influence of good on those around him.

Ryan Smith, grew up in Thatcher, Idaho and is a graduate from Grace High School. He is married to his wife, Meghan and they have five children, Hyram, Ezra, Charlotte, Issac and Joel.

Mr. Smith has a love for many things some including, music, playing games with his kids, long drives in the mountains, and anything else that involves spending time with his family. He also enjoys reading, especially fantasy and science fiction. His favorite kind of music to listen to is post rock.

Mr. Smith made the decision to become a teacher, because he loves working with young people and believes he is a kid at heart. He wanted to become a teacher here at Grace, because he believes that the students are well-behaved and great to be around.

My goal here at Grace High is to touch the lives of students by helping them learn. ”

— Mr. Ryan Smith

One way he motivates students is by teaching interesting and practical applications to life. His favorite part about teaching is having the chance to help students learn and see them grow.

Mr. Smith is looking forward to this school year and getting to know the student’s here at Grace High School!