Kicking Off the School Year with Grizzly Pride

Amelia Smith, Contributor

Drop the mic, and hit the dance floor! The first assembly of the 2019-2020 school year was incredible!

School spirit is the best way to unite a school and you better believe me when I say the air was thick with intensity and anticipation. Brinklee Holyoak, the Student Body president is a firecracker of energy and grizzly pride. Right behind her, backing her up with their support, are her faithful and spunky council members: Kayci Younger, Vice President, Marina Warnes, Secretary, and Katelyn Andersen, Reporter.

In order to emphasize this year’s theme; Time to Shine, everyone was given glow sticks. After a memorable video highlighting the peaks of summer vacation, Brinklee welcomed the students and faculty back to a year with a thrilling prospect, It’s a Great Day to be a Grizzly. The main goal the Executive Council has this year is to electrify the school pride here at GHS.

We want the students to make the most of this year.”

— The Executive Council

In the act of promoting cross country, the new coach, Jeremy Smith, came up on stage to throw handfuls of jolly ranchers to the students sitting in the audience, firing up the school spirit even more.

Once everyone was high on sugar, the Executive Council taught the whole school a new dance called, “Bop It.” It certainly brought out the epic swag and snazzy jazz of the student body.

Thanks to an awesome assembly, everyone left the auditorium buzzing with school spirit. This year is off to a great start!