Behind the Funding


Hanging up in the gym, the new and improved booster board is looking good, even though it is still under construction.

Brooklyn Rigby, Author

You are assigned a project in one of your classes. You are instructed to make a poster of your findings. The teacher expects it to be one of the nicest, ‘easy on the eyes’ project he or she has ever seen. However, there is a problem. You don’t have any money to buy materials and writing utensils. You are stuck and there is nothing you can do about it. So, you reach out to your friends and ask for their help. Even though your friends are constantly asked for money they still graciously help you out. This is exactly how it happens for the Pub Club and boosters.

From discounts on yearbooks to high-tech cameras our boosters support Publications. Without their generous, generous donations our yearbook and newspaper would not be the superlative quality that it is today. The boosters are an unspoken hero for the publications of our school. They do so many things under the radar without the community’s knowledge. They donate money every year knowing they will get asked for countless other fundraisers throughout the year. The money is used for many things to boost the quality of the yearbook and newspaper.

The boosters hang up on the wall in the gym on fancy new boards. Another contribution from boosters gave us the opportunity to turn the ragged boards into nice and neat ones. Other contributions are ones like Schuyler Judd donating pizzas for the publications club to reward their hard work with during their deadline parties.

Each month we would like to highlight some of the boosters who keep the Publications Club up and running. This month we would like to highlight Rigby Plumbing & Heating and Gilbert Farms.

Gilbert Farms is a farm run by two brothers: Clint and Travis Gilbert. They raise the basic crops that are seen around the county such as wheat, barley, hay, cattle, and of course potatoes. The farm is considerably smaller compared to others but their contribution means the same in the hearts of the Pub Club. Money can be scarce sometimes on the farm, but they still find a chunk to donate to the school. Boosters are the best, and we cannot thank them enough for their sacrifice.

We are glad to support the activities in the school district, to us, it’s part of our responsibility to the community we live in.”

— Travis Gilbert

Rigby Plumbing & Heating is a business here in town that has been exponentially growing since 2008. The business works a lot with the school doing the plumbing and heating for all the buildings in the district, including the new elementary school. With a family in the school system, owner Wade Rigby is very involved in almost every program at the school anyway. Yet, he still finds a place in his heart to support the Publications with a donation every year to fund our efforts.


The boosters are people too with families and business’s to support. Still, they make room in their budget to donate it back for the benefit of the high school. Though, the contributions often go under the radar, it means the world to the Pub Club.