New Kid On the Block: Kash Holbrook

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New Kid On the Block: Kash Holbrook

Courtney Donaldson, Author

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Kash Holbrook is “boppin’” his way into life as a grizzly! Previously from Hyrum, Kash attended Mountain Crest High School his freshman year. At the end of the school year, he decided he wanted to try something new and chose to move in with his dad, who lives in Bancroft. He has smoothly transitioned and is fitting right in with our student body. With his spunky, outgoing personality, Kash has quickly made friends and is loving Grace!

Here are just a few things about Kash:

  • his favorite color is blue
  • his favorite place to shop is PacSun
  • his favorite snack is pretzels
  • his favorite book is Hunger Games
  • his favorite sport is baseball
  • his favorite season is summer
  • his favorite drink is Coke
  • his favorite place to eat is Wendy’s

He has already shown outstanding school spirit by participating in our “Bop It” dance at football and volleyball games, cheering at the red and white game, and decking out in red for the first home volleyball game. We, as a student body, are excited for him to be a part of this school. He is very excited to start living his life as a grizzly!

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