New Kid on the Block: Ben Durfee

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New Kid on the Block: Ben Durfee

Kylee Painter, Author

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Getting new students at the school is always great! The new students get a ton of attention, and they help make things at the school more fun and interesting.

Ben Durfee is one of the many new students at GHS.

Ben is a Junior, and he brings such a fun and positive vibe to our school.

He is 16 years old and brings so much laughter and joy to his large family. Out of his seven sisters and three brothers, Ben is the third youngest.

He has been home schooled all the way up until his freshman year of high school. Previously, he attended school in Preston. Ben is an extremely talented kid.

Some of Ben’s favorite things to do is play video games and football. Ben has always loved to play football. He said that he has tried to play other sports such as track, but track was “Just not his sport”.

Ben’s favorite place to go is Boston, because his sister lives there and he believes that it is the most beautiful place he has ever been. However, if he could live anywhere in the world he would live in New York.

Some fun facts about Ben is that he loves sushi, his favorite color is gold, and his favorite subject is History. When Ben is older he wants to go into the Marine Core.

We are so excited to get to know more about Ben, and grateful that he is a part of our Grizzly family.

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