Student’s of the Month – September

Kayci Younger, Editor

Colson Froelich, a boy of many talents. Not only is he a competitive athlete, he is also an exceptional student.
The teachers here at GHS admire Colson’s work ethic and diligence when it comes to his academics.
On top of being a great athlete and student, Colson has a very friendly personality that is inviting to others.
Overall, Colson is a great kid and we are lucky to have him here in our school.

Karlee Jensen, one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet.
Karlee is an outstanding student. No matter what she puts 100% effort into all of her work and it shows!
She is one happy girl; you can count on her always having a smile on her face.
In addition to being a dedicated student, teachers enjoy having Karlee in their classroom because of the positive energy that radiates from her.
We are fortunate to have such a stellar student like Karlee among us.