Meet the New Cross Country Coach- Jeremy Smith

Meet the New Cross Country Coach- Jeremy Smith

Anna Gappmayer, Author

Jeremy Smith has decided to become the new cross country coach!

A little bit about Coach Smith:
favorite hobby is climbing mountains
favorite movie is Miracle
favorite food is pizza
favorite book is Fable Haven
favorite color is red

Jeremy grew up in Maine, Farmington, and now lives in Soda. He says, “A journey of a thousand miles always starts with one step.”

Coach Smith heard about the kids here at Grace who were in need of a new cross country coach. He jumped on the offer and came to Grace ready to run, fight, and push all the kids to be the best that they can be.

Cross Country is a life changing sport that rewards hard work over talent.”

— Coach Smith

Coach Smith started coaching cross country because the coach he had in high school changed his life. He believes that cross country can truly change the lives of the kids here at Grace High as well! He encourages every student to join cross country because he knows that it is fun for the kids, challenging for everyone, and an amazing experience overall! Jeremy is so happy to be here to meet all of the wonderful kids here at GHS and looks forward to the rest of the season!

We all are ecstatic that Coach Smith decided to join our school. Welcome to the grizzly family Coach Smith!