Fall Sports Overview


Brendan Robinson, Editor

As the month of August ends and September begins, the student athletes at Grace High school are certainly busy. Between their school work, practices and games each and everyone’s schedule is tightly packed. For example, take a look at the Volleyball girls’ schedule; from the 21st of October to the 19th of September the junior varsity and varsity teams will have played 10 different matches, trimatches, and at couple of tournaments.

During the Fall, Grace High School has students participating in three different sports which are: cross country, football, and volleyball. The athletes excel in their sports and are all working hard for a shot at a state championship.

Cross country: running for fun? Those that participate in cross country sure do think so.

Brinklee Holyoak stated “The faster you run, the faster you get done. Cross country has been super amazing. I’ve loved being involved for such a long time and watching the program flourish means everything to me. I’m looking forward to seeing how my team grows and improves with every excruciating hill practice and with easy, long run, practices too. I’m grateful for an awesome coach who motivates me and my team to achieve our full potential”.

Cross country has attended three different meets so far this season. Each individual runner has seen a steady decrease in their times. Their next meet will be September 26th in Westside.

What can be more manly than throwing on some pads and knocking people over? Not much that I can think of. The Grizzly Football team has their eye set on a state championship this year. Currently standing at 2-0, the football team still has a long road ahead of them.

“It’s pancake season,” Theo Wood said, “I’m looking forward to all the games ahead of us. You gotta take them one at a time”.

The Football team will be back on the field playing in a conference matchup this Friday against Raft River.

The familiar cry of “bump, set, spike” is heard once again ringing through the gym at Grace High. The girls on the volleyball team have been hard at work this year. Not long ago, they crushed their conference rival Challis by over twenty points in three different sets! The team is pushing themselves for an opportunity to be in the state playoff.

“It was crazy starting the season with so many back-to-back games, but it was so fun getting back into the groove of volleyball season. Sadly, I have been out for a few weeks because of my knee, but I am so excited to be back and playing with my girls!” noted Courtney Donaldson.

The varsity girls are home this week playing against Grace Lutheran; meanwhile, the junior varsity will be playing a conference game against Taylor’s Crossing.