The Hectic Happy Homecoming Hassle


Brendan Robinson, Editor

Homecoming week was an experience this year! Due to unlucky weather, potato harvest was extended two extra days this year. This cut into our homecoming and threw off the executive councils plans. Fortunately though we have a dedicated group of girls on the team that were willing to spend time and rework the homecoming schedule. We wouldn’t have had the experiences and made the memories this year without our hardworking executive council!

The Great Race

The week started off with a bang as the high school students and faculty participated against each other in The Great Race. This year, we saw some changes made to the events of the race. We had a vast majority of new ones with some older events mixed within. The entire event was fun filled and created some great memories. Competitiveness was brewing between all of the classes. Near the end though, the Junior class managed to pull off a win barely beating the seniors out. Better luck next year- oh wait…..


Chants of “cut the Russian” rang throughout the walls of the auditorium as Coach Dodge got the students hyped up for the homecoming football game. Throughout the entirety of the assembly, we saw the band play, multiple skits, and some games played by the senior players of the cross country, football, and volleyball games. We also got to see jokes made about certain students of the school and members of the faculty.

Kara Wadsworth stated, “Playing for the Homecoming assembly was so much fun! I loved seeing everyone dance along to the songs and there was a lot of school spirit!”. As the assembly came to a close you could feel the hype coming from the volleyball girls and football boys.

Volleyball Senior Night

A heartfelt night ended with an exceptional sweep against conference rival Butte County. Each senior played her heart out and it definitely showed. Each girl pushed herself for her teammates and you could easily tell. The effort displayed by the team was exceptional!

“Senior night was really hard for me because I knew it was the last time I would play on my home court. But as soon as the warm ups started, something clicked, and I knew it was time to focus in and play my game. Even though that was a rough night, I feel as though I hadn’t played that well in a long time.” Kylee Painter commented. The student body was exceptional, the energy that the girls and the fans brought was great, and the win was amazing.

Football Homecoming Game

Winning isn’t always everything. The football team faced a tough loss in a conference match up against the Lost Rivers Pirates. Although the boys lost, they did learn many valuables lessons and things that they should work on.

Will Cutler expressed, “Everything aside, we played as brothers. It didn’t matter what setting or circumstance throughout the game, we always had each others backs.” Though it didn’t turn out how they wanted, they still put all their heart and effort into the game.

All in all, as crazy as homecoming week happened to be, ask anyone at Grace High and they will tell you what an enjoyable experience it was this year.