Working Hard or Hardly Working?


Brooklyn Rigby, Author

For the history of potato harvest, it has always been a lengthy debate of who’s job is easy and who’s is not. Even though not everyone in the high school works on a farm during potatoes, the fight still goes on between the workers. Some students luck out and spend the break on vacation or relaxing at home. Others spend the time standing on a belt or hauling sacks of potatoes. Yet, everyone dreaded potato harvest getting extended with the thought of having to make it up on Fridays’.

Thanks to Mother Nature, the farms got rained out and were unable to dig potatoes for a couple of days. The potato workers enjoyed the short break, but cringed at the thought of going back to work. Still, everyone was very relieved when the work load was done. Kelsie Collins worked for Gilbert Farms and was very fortunate to get the rain break and still return to school knowing that she did not have to see potatoes in that massive amount for another year.

Other farms were not that fortunate and were still digging when school resumed. With the snow and frost that hit our valley, many farmers were extremely concerned about their crops getting harvested in time. Thanks to some amazing people in our community, the farmers received extra help to get their potatoes in and stored. It is all looking good and pointing towards a successful end result.

Another potato harvest has come and gone. Some students spent it across the world like Amber Mansfield, others spent it sitting around waiting to load customers with bags of potatoes(which has been debated whether this is the easiest job), while many kids spent long long hours standing on a belt continually picking and picking and picking. Even though potato harvest is full of tiring and strenuous work, every one is very grateful for the fat check they receive in the end.