Student’s of the Month- October

Emmalee Maughn, Author

Nyler Warnes is never afraid to stand out. He is an exceptional student with a good work ethic.

Being a good student isn’t his only ability, Nyler’s favorite thing about himself is how well he can play the trumpet. He enjoys music in every way. No wonder band is his favorite class.

Nyler is an amazing person all around. He enjoys music and isn’t afraid to be himself. He is an astounding student and works hard in everything he does.






Ellary Judd is an amazing example to her peers. Not just academically though. She is a positive and always has a smile on her face.

Along with being positive and smart, Ellary is very imaginative. She even has her own secret language! When asked what her favorite thing about herself was, she exclaimed, “My imagination!”

Ellary is an astonishing student. She is always positive, smart, and very imaginative.