Amelia Smith, Author

The ride begins with the start of Junior Year. Can someone survive the horrors of junior year as a new student? If anyone can do it, it is this gal. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the woman… Rohbi Gould!! Hailing from Marsh Valley High School, Rohbi is a smart chick who loves to read. Her favorite book is Harry Potter.
Rohbi loves the school spirit here at Grace High School! Emmalee Maughn, one of Rohbi’s closest friends, says, “Rohbi is really good at giving book recommendations.” She says that while asking Rohbi about a book that she should read, Rohbi will have a whole list of books that are perfect for the person she is recommending them to. Besides being a bookworm, Rohbi is a cool and nonchalant girl. A quote that illustrates her love of reading is, “One more chapter,” a familiar phrase Rohbi wears on her shirt.
Rohbi enjoys school, loves her English class. When Rohbi is not reading, she enjoys sleeping and eating. Some of her favorite foods are chicken, spaghetti, and cheese cake. She also loves pop music and the color blue. Overall, she is awesome. Rohbi decided to to come back to Grace for her junior year because it is her “Time to Shine.”
We are beyond thrilled to having Rohbi here at GHS, so let’s give her a warm Grizzly welcome!