Student’s of the Month: November

Brooklyn Rigby, Author

Lily Jorgensen is a very ambitious freshman. She always looking to help others and is very respectful in all she does. Lily is an involved student and still never misses an opportunity to stop and talk to anyone she sees.

Being a cheerleader, she definitely fits the stereotype of high energy and loud. You can tell if Lily is in a room by the energy level.

Mr. Van Dyke talks about Lily and says, “She will always turn the monitors off for other students after class without being asked.” This is just one example of how thoughtful and selfless Lily is. She is a great example to others.

Spencer Lower is one of the most smiley guys you will meet. He is friendly to all and you can’t help but play off his positive energy. He is nice to anyone who comes across no matter who they are.

This year he stepped out of his comfort zone and managed the volleyball team. He stepped right up and became friends with everyone on the team. If you ask any volleyball girl they will all tell you how Spencer is one of their best friends.

It doesn’t take long for Spencer to leave an impression on you and it is almost always a positive one. He is a great asset to our high school.