There is No I in Team


Volleyball is a team sport, and this season has been completely that. The girls on the team have all helped each other and that is what made this season amazing. Though the girls on the team are exceptional, the crowd was another factor in making the season awesome. Watching the volleyball games is such an enjoyable thing to do on an evening with nothing to do.

It isn’t only fun, but the volleyball girls really appreciate us students coming and supporting the girls by watching them play.

“My favorite part of the season was probably when we won districts and sang “Sweet Caroline” with our awesome student crowd!” Kylie Hulse exclaimed. This just goes to show how our support helped this years volleyball season.

Another factor of making this volleyball season great, was the energy on the court. That energy made the games fun and memorable. Our girls have lots of energy when they are on court. Some would say that the energy is a remarkable part of the game.  “The energy on the court when we were all out there having fun was unforgettable.” Nayvie Anderson says was her favorite part of the volleyball season this year.

The volleyball season of 2019 was astounding. Our volleyball girls did amazing this year and deserve all the support we can give them. They all worked exceptionally hard. They played their hearts out at both districts and at state. Good job girls! You did amazing!