The Mr. Griz Competition


Brendan Robinson, Editor

The longstanding tradition of the Mr. Griz competition  has once again concluded. Mr. Griz has been a school tradition for over ten years now! Acting as a spoof to the distinguished young women that the junior girls compete in, it gives the junior and senior boys a shot to showcase their talents, hobbies, and an opportunity to flex their muscles.

The show is split into three main categories: the hobby walk, the talent, and the fitness routine. Every year, we get to see hidden talents and hobbies. This year, we learned that in his talent, Ivor Gibbs (known by his rap name as Lil Gibb) has an aptitude for writing rap, and spitting rhymes.

Ivor Gibbs stated, “It was fun because you got to show off your true personality and make yourself look like an idiot and it was okay.” Another hidden hobby we learned was Ayden Gould’s ability for picking up the chicks. During his hobby walk, he hit on four different girls and all worked out great for him. Someone needs to teach me how he does it!

At the end of the show, one winner is selected for each category, and the highest scoring individual over all is crowned as the new Mr. Griz. The winners of the talent, hobby walk, and fitness routine were Jordan Mansfield, Rhet Jorgensen, and Bray Skinner. The overall third, second and first place winners were Connor Mickelson, Gage Stoddard, and Rhet Jorgensen.

“Mr. Griz was a great experience. I am thankful for Courtney for being my backstage mom, Kayci, and Mrs. Buxton for making it all happen. It was super fun! When I won I was so proud. I am super competitive so of course I wanted to win. It is an honor to be the 2019 Mr. Griz,” quoted Rhet Jorgensen. All ten boys participating and their back stage moms worked their tails off to be able to pull the show off. Without Mr. Van Dyke, Kayci Younger, and Mrs. Buxton the show simply would not have been possible.