Taking a Moment to Remember the Brave


Anna Gappmayer, Author

Here at Grace High School it has become a tradition to put on an assembly in honor of the veterans in our community. Over time you would think that the assembly would become repetitive. However, the National Honor Society was successful once again in making the assembly both respectful and memorable.
This year, as a tribute to the veterans the members of National Honor Society recited a poem and presented the veterans with a pin symbolizing all that they sacrificed for the people of America.

Serendipity performed a song inspired by the words written on the walls of concentration camps during the Holocaust. This song brought a special spirit to the assembly and touched the hearts of the people in the audience. Once again, Serendipity amazed us with their powerful singing. We are fortunate to have such talented students here at our school.
As the veterans in our surrounding community came to join us at Grace High school, we celebrated the many veterans of our town. No one could comprehend how much love and gratitude we feel for our veterans here in our small town of Grace, Idaho.
As the young fifth graders came to sing at the assembly, and the veterans of the different forces stood up to represent their past services, all of the kids at the High School cheered and hollered. They were not just representing their services, they represented a part of America: the part that keeps us all safe, so that we can be here living the American Dream.