Neighborly November Boosters

Amelia Smith, Author

A senior’s best friend. Caribou County Farm Bureau is exactly what a senior student from Grace High School would call a best friend. Farm Bureaus provide programs, services, and channels to their local farmers and ranchers in order to help the communities of Idaho. Caribou County Farm bureau provides scholarships to local schools, and for senior students at Grace High School, money is everything. The good news is that most senior students or college kids that apply for the scholarships get them. The scholarships are different dollar amounts, depending on the county.

The reason everyone wants money is because of one of the best local restaurants in our region. Arctic Circle is a fantastic business because they have happy, friendly employees and hot, fresh food. They also try to keep their restaurant very clean. But the support they get from hungry students is not the only reason why they are a great supporter of Grace High School. Last year, Arctic Circle donated cash purchases and gift baskets to the Cure for Cancer fundraiser, and they also helped donate gift baskets during Grace High School’s homecoming football game. Why? Because “Arctic Circle cares about customers.” The people who run the restaurant donate money to the school because they want the students to have money to do things that they like to do, and they also want to give back to the families that eat at their restaurant by showing their support for the school and the education.

Care for all ages. Caribou County Dental provides dental and oral care for patients of all ages. They love to be involved in the community and they contribute to Grace High School because they think it is important to show support. To help our community Caribou County Dental donates cash, gift certificates, and money. “We support the school and the community by helping in any way we can.”