New Semester, New Classes, New Opportunities

Brooklyn Rigby

With finals around the corner, it is time to start looking for new classes to take next semester. There a lot of kids who never get out of their comfort zones. New classes you have never taken before can help you in ways you can’t imagine. They will prepare you for life, and in some cases will look good on a college application. Everyone has to take the certain credits to graduate, so here is a list to make sure you are aware of your options.

List of Elective Courses for Spring Semester 2020

1st hour

*Music Appreciation- Buxton

*Cardio Training- Newby

Green House Management- Wadsworth

2nd Hour

*Band- Buxton

Outdoor Economics- Manhart

*Strength and Conditioning- Newby

*Interactive media- VanDyke

Agricultural Fabrication- Wadsworth

3rd Hour

^Japanese Humanities- Hatch

*Interactive media- VanDyke

4th hour

Life Sports- Dodge

*Publications (permission needed prior to enrolling)- Tolman

5th hour


*^World History- Dodge

*Accounting I & II- Kimball

Strength and Conditioning- Newby

6th Hour

Life Sports- Dodge

*Art- Hook

Livestock Industry- Wadsworth

7th Hour

Select Choir- Buxton

^Sociology- Hatch

HS Photography- Manhart

Small Engines- Wadsworth

*indicates classes that can be used for graduation requirements (humanities, exciting standards, or technology credits) check in with Mr. Knutson if you are missing any of these requirements!

^indicates a class that is recognized by the NCAA as a core class and will count towards being eligible for future college athletes. If you are interested, please check in with Mr. Knutson.