Student’s of the Month – January

Brendan Robinson, Editor

Bridger Weber

Anyone that has ever talked to Bridger definitely knows about his infectious smile. Once he starts, you will too!

Bridger is a nice student that is always showing consideration for others.

If Bridger ever notices a student that needs some help, he is always willing to put what he is working on down and come to their need.

Jade Weekes

Jade is one of the most kind people that you will ever meet. Her heart is made out of kindness. She is always watching and reaches out to students.

Recently, she has been working very hard in class one teacher noted. Jade always expresses her concern for others to make sure that they are always doing alright.

Ryan McCurdy

Not often do you see a student take on the challenge of both dual credit calculus and physics, but Ryan has.

Teachers and students often will describe Ryan as a good student and always kind to his fellow peers.

One teacher noted that whenever Ryan asks questions in his classes they are always insightful and add to the class conversation for what they are learning that day.

Sydnie Jacobson

Sydnie is one athletic girl! She has the skills to not only play basketball and volleyball but to also balance her school work within the mix.

No matter what, Sydnie is always very polite and kind to others. Whatever she is doing she always has a smile on her face.

Sydney has a great work ethic always working hard and doing her best. Teachers have noted that she has amazed them at how hard she works.