Friends? More like Family

The Social Dance Club is a big deal here at Grace High School, and every fall semester, they put on their Christmas performance. Lead by Andrea Holyoak and the president for this year, Abby Mortenson, they put on an absolutely amazing show. But what is the club really about?

Social Dance isn’t just all about the performances, it is about the family relationship that each and every member of social dance experiences. We asked Abby what one of her favorite things was about social dance and she said it was the friendships and relationships she has developed with people. Not just people from this school, all the students from other schools who travel down to just be apart of this amazing club.

Like in the name of the club, social dance is all about dancing. And for those of us who know Andrea, it makes sense why she started the club. This club enables people who love to dance, to have a fun and enjoyable thing for them to do.

The Social Dance Club is filled with absolutely amazing and talented people who love to dance. That is one of the best things about watching their performances. You get the opportunity to see the talent and skill all of them have. You also get to see how much fun each and every person dancing has.

Sensational and talented are two of the best words to describe Social Dance. With the enjoyment you see on every members face while they dance, to the relationships they develop, and the astonishing talent in just one club is absolutely amazing. The leadership in the club is fantastic and we should give Andrea and Abby our utmost thanks for the enjoyment and entertainment each and everyone of us gets to experience from this astounding club.