The Grizzly Growl

2018-2019 Staff

Brinklee Holyoak


Hello, my name is Brinklee Holyoak, but you probably already know that because if you are reading this you clicked on the icon by my name. Before I tell you more about myself, you should know that I am VERY sarcastic and kind...

Maite Alcaide


Hi everyone! I'm Maite. I'm from Spain, so yes I'm an exchange student. I'm only 15 but I'm a junior because I've always wanted to have prom and I'm very excited for that. I love music, dancing and singing ( even if I don't sing...

Morgan Bower


  Hello, my name is Morgan. I have four siblings, Donevan, Annie, David and Wyatt. I enjoy the mountains, dance, my family, friends and my dog Stella. After I graduate, I plan on attending and graduating college with a...



I am in the tenth grade, and I love to play sports. I am part of the volleyball and basketball team here at Grace High. I love to be outside or watching movies (when I'm not playing sports). I love being in publications and being...

Sarah Brady


HEY! I am Sarah Brady and I'm a senior. I am happy to be at Grace High but I am ready for a change. After graduation, my plans include moving to Alaska and working with my sister and then serving and LDS mission. When I get home,...

Laurelin Hubbard


Hello! I'm Laurelin Hubbard. You may not know me very well so lets get to know me. Lots of people say that my name is unique. That is because its not a very common name. I was named after a golden tree from the book of Lord of...

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