Jacob Reeves
My name is Jacob Reeves, I was born in the Logan Utah Regional Hospital and lived in Lewiston, Utah until 2005 when my family moved to Thatcher, Idaho and obviously I have lived here ever since. A little unknown fact about me is that I love to paint and am pretty good at it. My favorite movie is Suicide Squad because it's unusual because the villains end up being the heroes. I love all sports especially track and basketball because those are the sports I compete in. If I could go any place in the  world I would go to Italy because some of my ancestors are from there and it looks like a really cool place to go. A quote I really love is "Lions don't care about the opinions of sheep." I love this quote so much because it shows that you shouldn't care what other people think of you - just be yourself!

Jacob Reeves, Author

Aug 03, 2018
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