The Grizzly Growl

The Grizzly Growl

Brendan Robinson
I wondered why that Frisbee kept getting closer to me. Then suddenly it hit me.

Hi I'm Brendan, welcome to my profile. Currently I have made sixteen different rotations around the Sun, and will make my seventeenth rotation on January 22nd. Throughout my brief sixteen rotations, I have picked up various hobbies and skills. The ones I enjoy the most however include football and solving Rubik's Cubes. I am a varsity starter and play right guard. I enjoy knocking people over to make holes and protecting my quarterback.

This year, I wanted to get a different taste of a school year. I chose to try a lot of different things. This year I am taking a dual credit statistics class, along with trying publications out. I am very excited to help be a part of the team that makes the yearbook and I hope that we will be able to look back on it and remember all the good memories of our high school years.


Brendan Robinson, Editor

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Brendan Robinson